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Thursday, July 2, 2009

End Of Year Recital!

This is Reegan's fourth year in dance. This year she decided to take Jazz instead of ballet. At the end of the year her dance studio has a big recital for all to attend... Reegan and the rest of her class did an amazing job on stage.

I just love her attitude when she's dancing or preforming.

No to be out done by his sister Ryker decide to show a few of his moves!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...look out "So You Think You Can Dance"....she looks so grown up. Way to go Rykerman

RoLo said...

I just love these pics

Brandi said...

I love her dance outfit. I enrolled Chayce in a tap/ballet combo starting September. Which studio does Reegan attend? Is it close by?

Donna Lou said...

Love it! Save this picture of Ryker. It would be a good one for his wedding!