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Saturday, June 30, 2007

This Is TOO Cool!!!!

After countless blurry pictures on our Sony digital, my wonderful husband took me out shopping for a new camera. It's very impressive looking he got me a Canon EOS 30D with for those who are not camera savy this simply means "This camera has more stuff then I will no what to do with" The best thing is the continuous shooting... Before if I tried to take a picture of the kids jumping into the water or Ryker throwing Reegan it would be a hit or miss if I actually got them in the air... Not anymore!!!!
WooHoo China here I come with my new camera!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

So my dear friend Maya has left for the summer months. I have offered to care for her wonderful Maple Bonsai tree. I don't have the greenest of thumbs but I usually can managed not to kill plants. I had found the perfect place for this tree, it would get lots of sun in the morning and the rest of the day lots of light. There was just one problem, Miss Shadow the cat thought she should give the tree a trim with her teeth. So to save the poor tree I have had to put it up much higher.

Wish me much Luck that this tree will survive the summer months... !!!!

The Down Fall of Growing Up!!!

So here's my wonderful son, summer vacation has just started and already I have put him to work. He was not impressed to be cutting the grass today, especially since on the other side of the yard his sister frolicked in the pool with not a care in the world. I tried to explain to him that he to was young once and didn't have these sort of responsibilities. Ryker is starting to see the downside of growing up. Oh he wants all the perks of getting older "Who doesn't" but when it comes to things like responsibilities he's not quite sure he wants any part of that.
On a more positive note... He had a very good report card for the end of the year. And that social test he was studying for, well he passed it... Good for you Ryker Man!!!!!
Tomorrow he has to clean his room, it's so bad that the cats won't even go in there. I told him the other day if I had to sleep in his room it would give me nightmares.. and I won't let Reegan go in there for fear she might get lost!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Heart Is Breaking!!!

Today a friend of mine lost a best friend. I am so sorry for Colleen and Jim hannah in china having a dog for 13 years and then one day he's gone, the loss must be unimaginable.

Personally I can handle human death better then when animals die. I think that's because animals unlike some people out there are truly kind and generous with there love.

Copper died from Cancer, and just like people we need to find a cure for this disease so that it won't take anymore loved ones lives.

Our thoughts are with you guys right now!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

So Tell Us How You Really Feel!!!

Reegan's First Sleep Over

This Saturday Reegan had her first sleep over. Mandy and her sister Eva came for the evening. Reegan and Mandy have know each other for three years, and in some ways they are like sister's. The girls had a tone of fun in the pool, painting, and playing games. Bedtime did not come early I think 11:30pm was that last time I heard them make any noise.
I brought up some toy's for Eva but all she wanted to do was play with the cats. I think Eva's mom and dad should get her a kitty!!!!!

I Remember Feeling This Way

This is Ryker's first year in Junior High and his first year of real exams. He's not enjoying the stress of studying. I can still remember dreading exam time. He has one more exam to take tomorrow and then he's finished. Ryker is counting the minutes!!!!

Getting our referral has not been the only excitement. On Friday Reegan had her end of the year Lake Party with her preschool. The weather was great, and the kids had a blast!!! The highlight of the day was when my friend "C" I will refer to her as "C" because once you see what happened you will understand why she doesn't want people knowing her true identity. ha ha So "C" had borrowed two inter tubes for her girls to use at the beach. Well the next thing we notice is one of the tubes floating happily away to the middle of the lake. I suppose she could have just jumped in and swam for it "NOT". Finally "C" had to humble herself and walk over to one of the lake employees and ask her to kayak to her tube. Well the rescue mission was a success!!!

The day at the beach ended with kids being buried in the sand and then playing at the park. It's been a wonderful three years for Reegan at Little Learners, she has learned so much and made some wonderful friends and so have I. I look forward to the day when Larkyn is old enough to go as well.

What A Great Day!!!


I think I should get a referral more often... I have never had 21 comments on my blog at one time. Thank you guys so much for your comments, it really means a lot to me.

Friday, June 22, 2007

HERE SHE IS Miss Larkyn

I have looked at these picture's a hundred times since we received them this afternoon. I could never have imagined the love that I would feel for this little girl just by seeing her picture.

We have so much to be thankful for right now. I am thankful for my family and friends for all the support they have given us through these past 2 1/2 years. I am thankful for all my blogger friends who each morning when I open my computer leave me wonderful comments. We are most thankful for this little girl who waits for us. We are truly blessed.

Here's what I can tell you so far about Larkyn.... Her Birthday is August 11, 2006, we will get her two days after she turns one. She resides at Xuwen Comprehensive Welfare Institute, in the Guangdong Province.
Holy... Holy... Holy Cow I never thought this day would ever get here. I want to pinch myself just to make sure it's not a dream.
Welcome our Beautiful Larkyn!!!! We can't wait to get you home!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Calls Yet!!!

Well maybe tomorrow they will call with our referral. I have told myself not to panic until Friday at 5pm, if they have not called by then I will know that it will be next week.

Graduation Day!!!! Gym Day AND Ballet Rehearsal!!!

Well we had a very exciting day today. First it started off with Reegan's Graduation from Junior Kindergarten. The kids look so grown up in there cap and gown. Miss Kay does such a nice job. She takes the time to put together these wonderful scrap books with pictures and school work that each child has done all year long. Thanks Miss Kay for those wonderful memories.

Me and the Graduate!!!!

Lindsey, Nicolas, Reegan and Lindsey

Reegan and Miss Kay!!!!
Reegan and Miss Kay with the beautiful scrap book she made for Reegan.
Abby, Reegan, Lindsey and Lindsey looking very studious.
After that we drove to Ryker's school to pick him up early, they are doing there exams right now so he gets out of school at 11am.
Then is was off to Reegans last day of Gymnastics, and today was a special day because mom's and dad's got to participate Yippee!!!! Sorry no picture's I was too busy playing on the gym stuff!!!!
Then we were off to Reegans Ballet rehearsal. I actually prefer the rehearsal over the actual performance, you get to see what happens behind the scenes.
What a busy day we had!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Our coordinators called me today to let me know that she had spoken to the CCAA today and they sent out our proposal today!!!! Why it won't get here overnight is beyond me, but she said it usually takes a day or two...

PEOPLE... do you know what the means???? Do Ya... Do Ya...

We could get a call as early as Thursday of THIS week.

We already know our travel date will be August 11th, and FOI confirmed that our little girl is from the province of GUANGDONG!!!!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!

I want to wish my wonderful husband the best at Father's Day!!! I have never know a father who works as hard as he does for his family. I know there are time's when I need to remind him to stop and enjoy his kids. David is the most selfless person I have every met. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his family "with the exception of dirty diapers and kids when they throw up" But even then I remember being pregnant with Reegan and feeling sick all day long and as luck would have it Ryker got sick, gaging the entire time he still cleaned it up for me.

Two years ago we saw the movie Hotel Rwanda. This movie moved my husband so much that the next day as we were watching our children play outside in the back yard I made the comment that we really had so much and that we could give a child like the ones in that movie a wonderful family and life. To my surprise David looked at me and said "Look into that" Now we are on the eve of seeing our third child for the first time. I look at my children's father and what do I see. Of course there are the noticeable things, a little less hair, a little more weight here and there, but what I see most is not on the outside it's what's in the inside!!!

Thanks David for being the best Father that you can!!!!

Happy Father's Day to All the Dad's out there!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This Is a Wonderful Project

I Will Never Figure out Cats

So this is our other cat Shadow, she is a very nice cat, cuddly, purrs tones she's a real people person.

BUT she has this one issue. Everyday she cries for me to put water into a glass on this side of the counter to have a drink.

She has fresh water in her dish but that will not do. I have even tried to put the glass of water on the floor thinking maybe she just likes it better out of that glass.

She's broken at least three glasses because if I leave an empty glass on this counter she actually will push it off because it's empty.

I've tried the spray bottle and when she sees it she takes off, but as soon as my back is turned she right back up there crying for her glass of water. I have people all the time telling me it's gross to have a cat on your counter, because of where there feet might have just come from "the litter box" I do my best to clean the counter at least two times sometimes three times a day.

What's a person to do?????

Well another weekend goes by and still no pictures to show anyone. I assure everyone out there who's been waiting along with us that it is coming. So please hang in there with us!!!!
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our First Baby Gift of Cloths

My dear sister never lets me down. A few months ago she knitted me this beautiful yellow baby afghan. Then today the Fedex man came delivering this wonderful gift of baby clothes. It really made my week. I find that people don't seem to make as much of a fuss over the second and third child. Why is that do you think?

Is that child not as important as the first?
Does that child not need new clothes? Does that child not want to look back and see pictures of the baby shower that was held in honour of them?

Maybe it's Canadian thing but up here people don't as a general rule give baby shower's for the children after the first is born.

So Debbie Dear... thank-you so much for making this adoption feel like my first baby. thank-you so much for getting as excited about this little girl as you have been for Ryker and Reegan.

You truly are the BEST!!!!!! "KEEP ON SHOPPING"!!!!!!!!

The Proof

I was reminded today about those simple things that kids love to do.

Far to often we spend our days running around getting the kids to soccer, ballet, gym and school, then when those are done we are on the phone signing them up for the next batch of activities.

Then this evening I look out my kitchen window to see Ryker and Reegan just playing ball in the back yard. There were no uniforms involved. No coaches around, no snack parent, not a slew of kids running around. Just the two of them throwing the ball back and forth.

Now don't go tearing up on me just yet. This hallmark moment was just that a moment. Then Ryker hit his sister with the ball, Reegan started calling me to give Ryker heck, then Ryker called his sister stupid, then Reegan was off after him with the baseball bat.

And so once again I am reminded of those simple things that kids love to do!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Baby's Room Begin's

So how fun is this. When this used to be Reegans room she got in trouble for ripping off the wall paper. Today she got to go crazy and rip away. Unlike most of the people out there who have had there little ones room ready for months I decided to wait until her referral was getting close. Well today was the day that I woke up and decide to tackle this project.

Reegan was a huge help as I sprayed the water she was beside me ripping away.
For those of you that know what David and I have had to face in the last few days this has actually been very distracting, I have a mission right now and my mind is on painting, colours, curtains etc.,
I want to express many thanks to everyone who have been so wonderful to us at this time. Thank-you Thank-you!!!


Is she not the sweetest little girl, A big congrats to you guys, your wait is finally over soon Rachel will be home. It's real finally it's real. We are so happy for you guys!!!!!

The Official Oder Detector

The Job Hazards this poor Kitty must endure someone call 911 !!!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

We had a beautiful weekend... The kids had friends over both days and they spent most of there time swimming in the pool.

David, Ryker and I on Sunday started building the new deck that will go at both ends of the pool. I have to say my husband is very good a building... I can only imagine what it would look like if I tried to build it.

As for our Referral when I have goods new I will let you all know.

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I just received an email from Alberta Children Services. They will receive our referral first and they will be the ones to call us...

As of 3:45pm today they had yet to receive our referrals... I am feeling that we might not hear until next week...

Throughout this entire process I have managed to stay calm and not get upset. But today I am at the verge of tears and getting this email only makes me feel worse.

Just A Little Bit Of Rain

There's suppose to be a road under this bridge!!!!

If this were my husband he would have done the same thing driven through YAHOOO!!!

Morning commuters had a very stressful drive to work!!!!

So Calgary had some rain last night. We live in the SE part of the city so all we got was some rain and a good thunder storm. But other parts of the City were devastated by the amount of rain that came down in a short period of time. The picture's above are of two of our major roadways Glenmore which is under construction right now and looks more like a river running under the bridge, and Deerfoot which is a Major highway. Two houses were stuck by lightning and burn to the ground!!!!

O.K folks still no call it's 9:54 am here and I know that the Alberta Children Services are open, I hope and pray that they have gotten our referral and are just doing what EVER they do over there and will call me TODAY!!!!

So my dear sister has given me her opinion on my new blog colours,,, she prefers the green that I had before.. So I will leave it up to my fellow blogger's. Lets take a poll let me know which you preferred this new colour or my older colour.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Well can you believe this. My laptops hard drive crash yesterday. The week I hope to get the call and my computer is down. I will do my best to keep you all informed but as of today there has been no news. I am seeing through the rumour queen that some people are getting calls so I hope we hear soon.