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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We Made It Home!!!

Well we made it, David and I were a little worried a the beginning of the flight when we hadn't even taken off and Larkyn was fussy. She finally decided to settle down about five hours after we took off. Ryker met us at the airport and I almost burst out in tears when I saw my boy. Ryker has been just wonderful with Larkyn, and she has really taken to him as well. When we got home Reegan had decorated the house with balloons and streamers. Reegan gave me the best welcome home hug and kiss EVER!!! After being home two days she is still telling me how much she missed me. When I asked her what she missed most, her reply was "Your smell" How sweet is that.

Larkyn as been doing O.K with the time change so far. The first night she woke up around 1am had a bottle then slept until 4am. I wish I could say the first full day home was easy. I felt like the walking dead. But the second night Larkyn woke up around 2am had a bottle then slept until I woke her up at 10am, what a good kid. After a good night sleep I was feeling better today. My mom came over today to meet Larkyn, as tired as Larkyn was she managed to give her grandma lots of smiles.

I think David wants to make our bed a temple in which to worship, I have never seen anyone so happy to see a bed before. He was back to work today but needed to come home early and have a nap. Even though China was not his favorite place to visit he would do it all over again when he looks into Larkyns eyes and she smiles at him.

It's quite an adjustment getting back into the house routine, but the kids have been a huge help.

I want to thank all my family, friends and fellow bloggers who sent me warm wishes throughout this trip.

A friend at my sisters work sent me this wonderful outfit for Larkyn. Thank you soo much Mary!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Last Full Day In Hong Kong China

Well I have to say the humidity here right now is out of this world. David is finding the heat and humidity a bit much. We went out to explore more of Hong Kong today, and the weather was the best it's ever been here. The Sun was out which made it a lot hotter but brighter and less gloomy. Right in the middle is this wonderful oasis. This beautiful park with fountains and a pool. It was truly beautiful. We later went to the Outback so David could get his fill of MEAT again.

After more ice-cream it was off to the water front. The water front is breathtaking. The heat made it a bit uncomfortable so we didn't walk very long.

After a rest in the hotel we tried out the pool on the roof. It's very nice up there the view of the city it out of this world Larkyn seems to enjoy the water she likes to splash and kick her feet.

This will be my last post in China. We leave tomorrow for home. This has been an amazing journey, our daughter is wonderful we love her more and more each day. The people of this country are so giving and helpful. Our group and our agency were the top of the top. I miss you guys already!!!! We miss you Ryker and Reegan, I can't wait to give you both a great big hug and kiss. Larkyn is so looking forward to meeting you both. XXOO Canada here we COME!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Not Home Yet

Well we are not home yet. Three more days in Hong Kong then we are home word bond. Last night our first stop was the Outback steak house. I think I saw a tear in Davids eye when they put that plate in front of him. That piece of meat didn't have a chance. After a good nights sleep on a soft bed and beef in his belly my man was ready to take on Hong Kong.

We went to Victoria Peak on a clear day this would be breathtaking. the weather this time is a bit better but we still got rained on.
Miss Larkyn is working on her legs these days. She very much enjoys standing, with mommies help of course. We also visited the wax museum .

OK if my friend Donna is reading this part you might want to stop here. haha
For anyone who knows me you will certainly understand my shock and amazement when my husband took me to the Louis Vuitton shop and purchased me the wallet I have wanted for EVER!!!!! I think I need to starve my man of beef more often!!!! This trip just keeps getting better and better.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell Party

Half of our group left today to go back to Canada, so last night Yulin had our farewell party. She had a magician and a dancer for the kids and she also had made for each a beautiful wall scroll with each child's Chinese name written on it.

It was sad this morning saying good-bye to some of the families knowing that we will only be able to keep in touch threw email etc., This Group has been amazing!!!!

The last of us all leave Beijing tomorrow. We will all be travelling in different directions. David and I will be going to Hong Kong for a day or two and will leave for Canada on the Monday. I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to being home. Being here in China has been just wonderful in so many ways, of course the best being the day we received Larkyn. But just being in her country, seeing where she is from, meeting the people and learning more about her culture and history has been amazing. I would never recommend coming to China in the summer because of the heat... But I certainly hope those who can travel here someday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Great Wall!!

You know the other day when I said it was hot? Well I take that back the square felt nothing like the Great Wall. I have never in my life sweat that much and to prove that I sweat so much when I got back to the hotel and my shirt finally dried there was salt from my sweat all over it. Despite the heat it was great to see and be on that wall. The mountains are beautiful and just being there knowing the history of this place made it even more special. I found the heat prevented me from wanting to walk along the wall further.

Before we arrived at the Great Wall we went to the Jade factory!!! Some of the work there is just breath taking. The only thing David found breathtaking was the PRICES!!!! ha ha

After our climb we then went to a really nice restaurant and had what I would call the closest Canadian Chinese Food here.

We also had an opportunity to go and see were the Olympic Village will be and get a closer look at some of the buildings.

Today Miss Larkyn has a bit of a stuffy nose but she's still a very happy baby. The only thing on our groups agenda for today was more shopping and both David and I are shopped out. "for those who know me I am sure it's heard to believe"

Instead we are just hanging around the hotel today and relaxing.

David is starting to get a bit antsy here... My honey really needs some good beef soon or I am afraid he might loose IT!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Larkyn's Medical

So today was Larykn and all the other children's medical. There were no surprises with Larkyn, she very under weight. The Doctor told us to stop putting the rice cereal in her formula because the cereal is just wasted calories. She wants her drinking strait formula. When we get back we plan to have our pediatrician take a look at Larkyn as well. The clinic was very nice and clean, with lots of toys for the kids.

My honey never one to disappoint got hungry waiting for all the children to get there check - up. So he decided to order a pizza down the hall and eat it in the waiting room. " He was more then willing to share" By Canadian standards this pizza would never pass David's taste test, but in Beijing he said it was not bad. I fear the cow population in Calgary will drop drastically once we land in Alberta. There will not be a prime rib big enough. ha ha

We later went to the pearl Market were we picked up a few more gifts and another suite case. This shopping thing is really starting to get on David nerves. He's not much of a shopper back home and to be there while I spend.. spend .. spend just about gives him a heart attack. He keeps reminding me that we didn't come to China to shop!!! Actually I have to say I have been very good. Most of the people here are buying up the stores with clothes and souvenirs. I've made sure to only buy things that are different and you can only get here in China. Yet David still complains!!!!!! Yesterday while at the silk factory I saw this beautiful tapastry, something that would get handed down for generations. Despite the $10,000.00 price tage I personally felt this would make a wonderful addtion to our house. But NOOOO WAAAAAY was David reply. You know sometimes that husband of mine can be real Stink Bug!!! ha ha ha

Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Forbidden City.

Our Group of Canadians at the Square.

Miss you Ryker and Reegan: Love Mom, Dad and Larkyn!!! XOXO
P.S How are those Peanut Butter Balls Coming?????