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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Six years ago today, I went to the hospital thinking that there was NO way I would be lucky enough to have a baby girl. I truly felt that you would be a boy!!! I can still remember the shock I felt when the doctor congradulated me on my little girl. I was shocked... stunned... in disbeleaf!!! I had a wonderful son and now a beautiful little girl. Reegan you truly are a ray of sunshine. From when you first get out of bed until I give you your kiss good night your happiness never ends.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!
Love Mom

Technical Difficulties!!!!

Hi Everyone.. I am having technical difficulties with my laptop so I can't update my blog with pictures right now... Hopefully I will have it fixed soon...

Monday, January 28, 2008

40 Truly Is Wonderful

Well I want to thank everyone for all the Birthday wishes this weekend. Turning 40 was not something I truly dreaded, but I have to admit as the day grew closer I felt I would miss saying I was 30 something.

Originally I had asked my husband that on my 40th birthday I wanted to wake up and hear the ocean in the background. But with our new addition, leaving right now on a warm vacation was not in the cards.

So instead of warm my honey is taking me skiing at Lake Louise and we are then spending two wonderful days in Banff!!!! He didn't stop there... He started off my birthday surprises early by surprising me with a visit from best friend from Ontario "Thank you sooo much Lonna Dou for coming"... It was amazing to see her again... we went shopping and had some much needed spa time.

Well I am off to ski my heart out !!! Have a great week everyone!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Look At Her Go!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enought Already!!!!!

Is it not bad enough that people who have already been waiting longer then they expected should see THIS on the CCAA web page!!! Our wait was long but at least we were able to get some news that would keep our hopes up.. My thoughts are wilh everyone out there who is waiting for there little one to come home.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Finally She Walks!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faces of the Abandoned

Interesting read... "Faces of the Abandoned" by Noelle Chun.

I found this on "China Calling" one of the our travel group.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I Just Had to Have Her!!!

So here is the story. I was out yesterday and found myself in this amazing Toy Store. While I was talking to the sales clerk, I noticed this stunning Asian Doll. I commented on how beautiful she was to the clerk. The sales clerk agreed and shook her head telling me that out of all the custom dolls this Christmas she was the only one that didn't sell. Well that was that, I had to have this doll for Larkyn.
She's just gorgeous.. the detail and workman ship are wonderful. I just can't stop looking at her perfect face those long eye lashes that are not painted but are real and she has a long bread down her back.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Six More Days!!!!

For Christmas My Honey got me tickets to See Micheal Buble, Or Mr. Bubble head as my husbands like to refer to him as. Can't Wait!!!!!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Very Own Olympic Oval

We have our very own Olympic Oval. A few years ago when the city made the overpass behind our house, they also made two ponds for water collection. Over the years we have enjoyed walking down there to see the ducks and when on occasion we get enough snow the hills are great for tobogganing. This past summer David put a gate in our back fence so we could have better access and after much insistence on my part he went down to check the ice on the ponds and determined it was safe for skating... It's been a lot of work clearing off the snow. By the end of today he's almost cleared the entire pond.
Larkyn had fun being pushed around by the shovel.

Even with a broken arm Ryker still manages to get those skate on and have a good time.

I can't believe how well Reegan is doing.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Great Pictures Of Our Trip

Our Banff Trip

Our trip to Banff started off fantastic. As we arrived in Banff it was snowing and all the Christmas decorations in the town were up. Our hotel was beautiful and we had a great view of the mountain from our room. As soon as we had checked into our room the kids got there snowsuits on and we all headed for the toboggan hill. Ryker and Reegan had a blast. Larkyn at first was not sure of what to think. As she watched Ryker and Reegan go down the hill she insisted on being taken out of her toboggan and all she wanted to do was to slide down on her bum . Our hotel had it's own ice rink so after dinner we took the kids skating. Reegan did amazing for her first time on skates. The kids were having so much fun that David decided to extend our stay an extra day. The kids were so excited. Our second day in Banff was a day of skiing and snowboarding. Reegan was all ready to take her first snowboarding lesson. Her lesson wasn't until 1pm so David and Ryker headed off in the morning and I would meet up with them around noon. As we approached the drop off location David called me on the cell to tell me that Ryker had hurt his arm and he would meet me at the Ski patrol medical building. After meeting up ... David took Reegan off to her lesson and I took Larkyn and Ryker to the emergency room. Our poor boy had broken his arm. Which ment No snowboarding... No Skating... No tobogganing.... and No Hot tubing... The poor guy !!!! Meanwhile since we left the ski hill Reegan was so freaked out that Ryker had hurt himself on a snowboard that she decided to take ski lessons instead.

We ended up not staying the extra day after all as Ryker really was not able to enjoy much. We did go skating and tobogganing on last time for Reegan and Ryker decided he wanted to go tobogganing one more time, before we left.

When all is said in the end the little time we did spend in Banff was beautiful. I just love this town... the snow... the mountains... it truly is magical!!! I hope we make this a yearly event.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Finally Some Time To Add A New Post

Happy New Year Everyone. Our family enjoyed another wonderful Christmas. It started off a little shakey. David, Ryker and Reegan were all sick on Christmas Eve. Reegan was the worst with a fever all day and most of the night. They all managed to feel good enough when Davids family came over for some Christmas treats...

Santa got the mother load this year... Three cookies and some chocolate milk... Reegan made sure each reindeer had there own carrot.

Besides a cell phone for Ryker this year which was quite a surprise for him seeing as I had said for the past year there was NO way he was getting one. His next favorite gift was this great winter hat and vest.

My dear sister was not able to come to Calgary for Christmas this year, but thanks to modern technology she joined us on Christmas Morning vi Skype.

Larkyn seemed to enjoy all the mess... Her big sister was there to give a helping hand.
Our New Years Eve was very quite... We stayed at home, eat popcorn and watched movies until Midnight. Reegan almost made it to midnight.. She faded fast ten minuets before midnight.
We are off to Banff tomorrow for a couple of days... We have snowboarding, skating and tobogganing on the menu.
We wish you everyone the Best of 2008!!!!