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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pinch Me I Think I Am Dreaming

When I was a little girl growing up in Ontario the one thing I wanted was to learn to ride horses. The dream of course being that not only would I ride horses but that someday I would own my own horse. Unfortunately my parents were not able to give me that dream, and it wasn't until I married and moved out west that the dream came true. At 25 I learned how to ride a horse and on our first wedding anniversary my wonderful husband bought me my first horse "Darby Day a beautiful Bay Tennessee Walker".

When my son was about three, I realized that having a horse and a family just wasn't going to work and so with a sadden heart I found a wonderful home for Darby and gave riding up, in the hopes that one day I would take up riding again or even better that one of my children would express an interest.

This Monday was the day I had been waiting for. Reegan had been bugging me for quite some time wanting to take riding lessons. I had been a little reserved about getting her into it as it's can be a very expensive sport and the truth be told I truly wasn't sure if she wasn't just caught up in the fairytale of riding a horse. Well her persistence paid off, she had her first lesson this Monday. It was one of those moments when it was all I could do to not cry the entire lesson.

Sitting there watching her brought back all the childhood feelings I once had and the excitement of finally getting to ride as a young adult. Reegan did amazing for her first time, and all though I hope she truly develops a love for riding I am prepared to stop the lessons when she no longer wants them.

"Unfortunately in door riding arena's don't make for great pictures. Hopefully once the weather gets nicer she can start to take her lessons outside."

Reegan riding Ellie

Reegan going through some balancing exercises

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Doctor's Revenge

Here's a little tale.

As I stated in my post from yesterday, I went to the Doctors for my yearly physical. What I didn't tell you was, while I was waiting for my Doctor of 8 years to come in, the nurse informed me that Dr. Wiens no longer was practicing family medicine and that I would be seeing the NEW Doctor. Shock was an understatement, I felt a full blown panic attack coming on. I had NO idea who this new Doctor was.. he had NO idea about me and my family or there history, and I had a list of things I wanted to ask and get down.

Before the New Doctor came in I made up my mind that I would be forth-right in telling him how shocked I was about having a new Doctor and I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be with him giving me my yearly physical. I wanted to make him aware that I had done my research and to not give me a hard time about certain tests I wanted done. Those were things I didn't worry about with my old Doctor as she new me well.

By the end of the appointment I was feeling pretty good.. He had listen to me and seemed to understand my shock and leeriness towards him.. He gave me all the tests that I requested as well as the usual ones I take each year. All in all I felt it went well.

Today I went to the Lab to have the blood work done. After waiting "TWO HOURS" I was finally in the room with the lab tech to draw blood. It was there that I learned of this Doctors Revenge!!!! You see my NEW Doctor had also requested I have a "Colon Cancer Screening Test" At first I was a little puzzled as I hadn't expressed to the New Doctor any concerns about that, nor had I mentioned any symptoms that would lead the Doctor to request such a test, I just figure he was trying to be thorough

I am not sure who of you out there has had to take one of these test, BUT it involves three days of smearing your own Poop on a strip of paper!!!!

I finally realized why the NEW doctor had such a pleasant smile on his face when I left his office. His smile was not that of a person who was impressed that his new patent was proactive towards her health. Oh... no he was smiling knowing that I would be smearing my poop on a strip for the next three days! After all it was I who told the Doctor to be as Thorough as he felt we should be!!!

The End

Bonnie Hunt Makes Me Smile When I Need It The Most

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Very Tired!!!

Four years ago when this picture was taken, I remember looking at it and thinking what a wonderful time I had in Banff.. I felt as alive and strong as this picture made me look.

The year is now 2009 and I would give just about anything to look and feel now the way I did when this picture was taken.

I was a good 15 pounds lighter in this picture my body didn't hurt on a daily basis.. I loved getting up each day.. I walked tall feeling and knowing nothing was going to stop me when I wanted or needed to do something.

My husband and I had just made the decision that I would just be a stay at home mom while we waited for our referral. At the time of this picture I loved life and all it had to offer.

So as you can imagine it's a mystery to me how in a few short years the picture of me is so different. It feels like it been a slippery slope, but I look in the mirror and really don't know who I am anymore. I could tell you each day what it is I DON'T want to do but I am unable to tell you what it is I want to do. So much of my day I feel that I am just going through the motions but I am NOT really in the moment that I live in the land of FOG.

What ever is going on is effecting my physical well being, as well as my emotional well being. I have NO interest in being with family, extended family or friends.. I have no desire to take a trip or just go shopping. Even my beloved Chocolate has started to taste sour as the pounds keep pileing on.

I am smart enough to know that something must be wrong... You just don't go from A to Z for know good reason. About six weeks ago I started back to daily exercising, 30 minuets Monday to Friday on the elliptical trainer. Typically once I start to get moving any weight I might have put on would drop off within a week or two... You can imagine my surprise when after 6 weeks I stepped on the scale to see I had put on 5 more pounds and my clothes were fitting me a little more snugly. WHAT IT GOING ON!!!

I have a sneaking suspicion what's happening is none other then the early signs of menopause or more affectionately know as Peri menopause. That would explain the physical changes as well as the emotional changes... At my yearly physical this week I had a list of blood tests I wanted my Doctor to run ... I am hoping something comes from these test.

So ladies... "These Are The Days Of My Lives" and right now it SUCKS!!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just look at this picture... In my dreams this is what I hoped for when Reegan went to the dentist this week for her first filling. A calm relaxed child!!!!

Unfortunately... this picture better depicts what Reegan felt was going to happen to her!

It started off well.. She got into the dentist chair fine. Allowed the dentist to put the numbing meds on the gum. I was feeling pretty good about this, my little girl was being very brave.

Then WHAM! BAM!!! in a blink of an eye, almost as if someone had switched children... the needle was about to go in and her jaw's clamped shut. It took me a good 30 minuets to stop the tears and panic... The poor thing really wanted to have this filling done, she didn't want to have a cavity, her fear of the needle was just so terrifying. Finally she promised she would try one more time. She was very scared and didn't like having the needle in her mouth but she did it. Once the freezing was working she was a trooper about having the cavity filled.

Dear Anonymous

However I would appreciate you NOT taking the Lord's name in vain!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Wonderful Concert

Tuesday evening I went to see Diana Krall.. David won the tickets at the luncheon we attended a few weeks back.

She did not disappoint. Her music for half of her set was backed up by an orchestra, our seats were bang on and the sound was truly amazing!!!

Thanks again to Lite 96!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Wonderful Easter Weekend

Reegan Adding the sugar and Cinnamon

The finished pie... Yum Yum

Our weather couldn't have been better... It was truly spring all weekend. On Good Friday my mom came over and baked apple and pumpkin pies... Reegan was over joyed with baking... She even made a pie all by herself, from the rolling of the pastry to the filling and finally putting the top on...
We had our Easter dinner on Saturday evening this year...We shared a wonderful Turkey dinner with my parents and David's parents.
The Easter Bunny did not disappoint this year... Once again the kids had fun running around the house filing there baskets full of chocolate Easter Eggs. Ryker decided to be too mature for Easter hunting and decided to let the little kids find them around the house.

I Just Found Them!!!

Too cool to hunt but NOT to cool to eat!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Don't you just LOVE tulips? Seeing tulips in the stores can't help but make you feel like spring is just around the corner. Easter would not be Easter if these wonderful flower's were not around!!!

Have a wonderful Easter Everyone... I hope the Easter Bunny is good to your kids and to you as well!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few Pictures To Share

I haven't had much use for Tricycles. All three of my children have been given one and each time the same problem occurs... The pedals are too far forward and they are not able to make the bike go. I learned my lesson with Reegan and today I went out a got her a small bike with training wheels... As soon as she sat on the bike at Wal-Mart she was able to pedal like a pro.. She was so proud of herself when Reegan came home and she could ride her bike just like her big sister... She doing very well but still needs some work with her steering.

Larkyn first Night Gown. These used to be Miss Reegans... They look so cute on Miss Larkyn

The best for last... On the weekend Reegan went to her grandmother's house to do there yearly tradition of Easter crafts... Once again David's mother out did herself helping Reegan to create this wonderful Easter Bunny Basket.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Dog Whisperer

It's been over six years since I had a dog. Emma was a beautiful Golden Retriever. Unfortunately I was the primary care giver and when Reegan came along I wasn't able to give her the time she needed. I made the decision to find her a home where she would be the baby of the family. I was lucky enough to find the right people for her, but I think and miss Emma often.

Check Spelling
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the show "The Dog Whisper" I had heard of it before but really hadn't watched the show before. After watching just one show it was like a light bulb went on. I suddenly realized that all of Emma's behaviour problems were 100% my doing. I was not her pack leader. I can now look back and see how I could have helped Emma with her anxiety's and her aggression with other dogs.

Even though we know longer have a dog I am totally hooked with watching this show... and I know someday if I do choose to have another dog I will be prepared.

Cesar and his best dog Daddy

Surviving The Game

Since I started this blog, my husband has made a point to tease me about it when ever possible. I am sure some of you blogger can relate.

Well guess WHO has a blog??? Yup... You Guessed it... The one, the only "The Mocker himself!!!

I am sure right about now you are riveted wondering what he's decided to blog about. I can assure you it's nothing as important or as interesting as what we like to blog about. LOL

INVESTING... or more to the point Options!!!! Don't EVEN ask me what it's all about.. As soon as he starts to talk to me about it... I get that glazed looked over my eyes and start to picture myself in a far off land eating chocolate. That being said what I do know is what ever he's been doing seems to work... Many of or friends and people all over the world this year where devastated in the market... Like most everyone we certainly didn't make the mother load ... but we did manage to survive better then most, so he's must know what he's doing....

Just between you and ME.. He's very smart and he knows a lot about this sort of stuff. Not that I will EVER admit that to him directly. lol

I personally have no use for this sort of blog but you might or you might know someone who would enjoy what he has to say... If that the case here's his blog address..

PS: Go on to his blog just to make his blog counter go up... It will make his day!!!!!