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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Third Day "Family Time"

On the Wednesday my sister had a pool party and invited some of my cousins and there kids over... It was great to see them all.. Some I hadn't seen in over 10 years and I was great to finally be able to meet there kids.

This is my dad's side of the family.

My cousin Carrie, my sister, Me and my cousin Nancy

Me and my sister

My mom's side of the family

More of my mom's side

Debbie and my cousin Joy with a little one in her tummy.

My cousin Heather and her two little ones


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Second Day "Niagara Falls and Marine Land"

Niagara Falls

On our second day the weather was perfect for Niagara Fall and Marine Land. Reegan has wanted to go to Marine Land for over two years now. She saw an add on TV for it and as soon as we told the kids we where going to Ontario the first thing out of Reegan mouth was "I want to go to Marina Land"

We first went to the falls. I didn't expect the kids to crazy over them but I wanted them to see them.

These are the American Falls!!

Aunt Debbie, Larkyn and Reegan at the falls

Our Three Beautiful Children... I made sure to watch Ryker VERY closely... Pushing Reegan over the falls was just too tempting for him. LOL

Once again Ryker's look says it All. Honestly I think he would need to see a barrel with a person go over the falls before he got excited

Marine Land

We were in the splash zone for this performance and boy could you get wet. The new swimming enclosures for the whales are fantastic.

This was the only ride that Larkyn went on and she LOVED it!!!

This roller Coaster was more Reegan's speed

Larkyn and Daddy getting ready for the Sea Lion's show

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Second Week In Ontairo "The First Day"

The Second week In Ontario we stayed with my sister. The weather was much hotter and reminded me of one of the cooler days in China

Our first stop was Canada's Wonderland. I can't remember the last time I was there myself but it sure has A LOT more rides and a FANTASTIC water park now.
Reegan's first ride was the Wild Beast roller coaster. She insisted that she was O.K. to go on it and INSISTED that she wanted to ride up front with her brother. Lets just say as we went over the top for the first time all I heard was her SCREAM "I DON'T LIKE THIS GET ME OFF THIS NOW" . With each turn and drop she screamed louder and louder... I will give her this she didn't cry once... but she decided not to go on another roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland that day.!!!

The Wild Beast Roller Coaster.. Reegans All Smiles at this point!!!

The water parks wave pool, in the back ground is Canada's Wonderland newest ride the Behemoth.

Larkyn at the water Park

Reegan enjoyed this sort of flying.

This was the last picture of the day and it says it all.. Larkyn is fast asleep and David is trying to strangle both the children!!! LOL

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Randy Pausch Dies!!!

I have been following this mans story since he appeared on an Oprah show last fall. His Last Lecture truly touch so many things inside me and I was so encourage to listen to this young man talk about how he overcame obstacles to achieve all the wonderful things in his life. Now knowing that he was going to died and leave his wife and three small children behind didn't seem to tarnish his positive outlook on life.
The doctors gave him six months to live. He had managed to beat that by at least six extra months. Then on Thursday I check his blog page and read that his health was failing him. I truly had hoped that a miracle would happen, but today when I checked his blog I read that on Friday he had passed away.
I can't imagine what his family must be feeling. I know they have had lots of time to prepare but to lose such a great presents in your life's. To not have your daddy around, I can not imagine what they must all be feeling.

This is his book that he wrote, I encourage everyone out there to pick this book up and read it!!!!

A Stephen Update!!!

Stephen & David

While on our trip to Ontario we were able to visit with Stephen twice. The first time he was still at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto. But his recovery had improved so much that they were moving him to a rehabilitation hospital in a day or two and he would now only be 20 minuets from his home.

Since Stephens accident I have seen him three times. The first time was just two days after the accident he was in very bad shape, a ventilator was helping him breath while he remained in a semi-coma state. On my second visit his eyes were open but he was still very much unaware of his surroundings and still needed to be fed by a tube.
On this visit Stephen was eating and talking... His long term memory is bang on. David and him talked about high school, old girl friends and all the trouble they both got into. His short term memory is not as good.... especially names, but this we are assured is very common with that type of brain injury. His eye sight is still giving him problems and he sees double, so to help with that he where's a patch over one of his eyes.
Within the two weeks we were there he had improved enough to go home for day visits and on our last weekend there he stayed over at his house.. We are so grateful to everyone who prayed for Stephen and his family. He still has a long road of recovery but he's getting there one step at a time.

Our kids had a day of playing with Donna and Stephens kids. Here Reegan enjoys the hammock with Isaac.

Honestly I look up and there is Ryker and Andrew on the roof of the shed. Did Stephens Accident teach these kids NOTHING!!!!

From left to right Andrew, Abbie, Reegan, Ryker, Larkyn and Isaac. William the oldest was at a bike rally for his dad so we met up with him later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Our First Full Week In Ontario

Our Friend Brent lent us his boat while we were staying in Honey Harbour for the week. Growing up David was used to using the Lakes for fun in the sun. But living out West we don't have the lakes so our kids aren't used to riding in a boat and having fun on the water. Having this boat was the best for them. They all had a blast even the BIG kids!!!

Here's Ryker sharing his ice-cream with Larkyn

A perfect Pose

Ryker Man very much enjoyed all that power on the water!!!

Ryker Knee Boarding, the water was very cold but he was a trooper!!

Entering the Trent-Severn Waterway. This was a first for me and the children. Living in Ontario for most of my life I had only seen boats go up the locks.. But this time I was in the boat!!! The kids enjoyed the ride... We are on our way to the Big Chute!!!

Waiting for the lock doors to open for us.

Hold On only 8 minuets and we will be at the top

Up We go!!!!!

David, Larkyn, Reegan and Ryker at the Big Chute

Me and the kids at the Big Chute as it goes back down to the water. I very much enjoyed showing this to my kids. It brought back some wonderful memories of when my parents took me and my sister to this place when we were kids.

Now this is what I call tubing!!!

The Captain of the ship taking a little break.

Our Beautiful Children

Captain Reegan

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are HOME!!!

Well after two and a half weeks we arrived safe and sound Monday night. Our plane was delayed by two hours at the airport but the kids were a great help at keeping Larkyn entertained.

We all had a great time... We saw and did so much that I can't possibly put it into one post.

Our first weekend there we met up with one of David oldest friends Paul and his family. We went to Ontario Place and the Science Center. It was a great weekend..

David, Paul, Adam, Ryker, Jesse, Reegan and Sara at Ontario Place

Paul and His Lovely Wife Shauna

Reegan at the Science Center

Daddy and the girls watching the tornado form

Not even on vacation for two days yet and Ryker's already tired of me taking his picture

Everyone outside the Science Center (except me I was taking the picture)