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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Using the Potty

I am not a big believer in potty training... The truth is most parents who say that there wee ones are potty trained in truth are trained themselves. With both Ryker and Reegan I really didn't push them... I suggested the potty many times but it was really up to them and once they decided they wanted to do it was a done deal...
Well lately Miss Larkyn has been asking to use the potty, so far she usually goes in her diaper just before but at least she's making the connection.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Say What You May About Her... But She Still Makes Me Laugh

WAY To Go Ryker Man

This weekend Ryker's school had a wrestling tournament... In the past years Ryker really hasn't been all that keen on wrestling but he has tried it each year.. This year he's taken it on with gusto. Getting up twice a week for morning practices as well as attending two after school practices.

I am so proud of him... I actually started to cry when he won the second match and then when he walked up to get his medal... He looked so happy !!! I was beyond proud for him.

Your the best Ryker Man...

Monday, November 17, 2008


When I was this age we didn't even have Sparks... It was Brownies then girl guides etc., My mother tried to put me into Brownies, I think I lasted two meetings and then packed in my uniform and said enough of that!!! For me the best part of being in Brownies was eating the cookies you had to sell.

Then there's Reegan who has been bugging me since September to get her into to Sparks... After making the appropriate phone calls and filling in all the paperwork we got her in.

Did you guys know there's an entire store just for the Girl Guides??? I found out when I had to get her uniform. Did you also know that the Brownies uniform doesn't have any brown on it, it's orange and blue "What's With that????"

For me the most exciting part of this is that we now get first dibs on those COOKIES!!! No more waiting for them to come to our house ... Yum Yum...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Reegan School Picture 2008

Things have sure changed. I remember having to sit at a desk, hold a pencil and smile for the camera because you only got one shot. Now you get to choose the colour of your back ground (As you can see Reegan choose purple "Big Surprise there") You have three poses to choose from and you can also have them printed in back and white or sepia tone. They will even take out any blemishes if you are old enough to have any.. Common people !!! When my kids are at the awkward age they need to be able to look back and see that both there mother and father had pimples as well. NOT TOUCH UP'S ALLOWED!!!!

So here's the deal... I have been horrible at posting lately... I don't even have a good excuse, it's pure laziness on my part... Once all three kids are finally in bed all I want to do is to veg in front of the TV and then go to bed...

I would be on the couch right now but my husband beat me to it, so I decided to add a new post.

Just some random pictures of what's been happening around here.

Two very lazy bums!!!

Ryker after a day of quadding with his dad!!!

These boots are made for working!!

I am soooo embarrassed

For Halloween Reegan was Hannah Montana. Larkyn refused to put her costume on and much to Ryker's dismay we told him he was too old for trick or treating, so he was the official door person and every time someone showed up at the door who was clearing older then Ryker both David and I heard about it.

A Good Hull!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Finally after almost six months of waiting the day had finally arrived. October 30, 2008 Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour.

I had great tickets... center, row 24, floor.

David and I decided that we would make this into an anniversary trip seeing as our 16th wedding anniversary was on October 31. But David didn't really care if he went to Madonna's concert (This still shocks me) So my friend Maya flew in from Calgary to accompany me.

We were dressed and ready to go. We decided to check out the stadium before we got to our seat and that is were I noticed that her stage was not at all were it said it would be when I ordered the tickets. Instead of her stage being right across the front she had a runway down the middle, from the end of the runway we would still have good seats at row 24, but when she was at the back we would not. After getting a few snacks we ventured down to the floor showed our tickets three times to security and were shown our seats...

OMG!!! Because of her stage and that runway down the middle our row 24 turned into row 4 directly in front of the runway where Madonna performed 80% of her show. I couldn't believe my luck... She was so close !!!

My blackberry doesn't take pictures and I assumed bringing a camera would be out of the question, so I took David's phone to take a few snaps... Much to my surprise people at the concert took camera's "Note to self BRING MY CAMERA next time" So all of my pictures turned out poorly.


Oh did I happen to mention her concert WAS AMAZING!!!!