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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Room Is Finally Finished!!!!!

Finally Larkyn's room is finished. This room has been the biggest challenge for me. Normally when I redo a room I have a really good idea of what I want to do. Larkyn's room was very different for me... In the beginning it started off with some pictures and then from there I just kept adding. This is the finished product!

My mom got that wonderful Teddy Bear for her with her name on it. Which is great because Larkyn is not a name one will find on pencil and rulers etc., She had one made for Reegan as well.

Can you believe we leave in seven days!!! It's starting to freak me out... My friend Colleen hannah in china who just got back from China with there beautiful little Hannah has had a really rough first week home and it's starting to get me worried about what we might have in store for us once we return.

I've already warned David, Ryker and Reegan that if at any time after we get home they find mommy just sitting in corner staring off at nothing and drooling to not be alarmed, just walk away quietly and not to worry. I have said to myself I can do this.. There might be some sleepless nights and some really hard adjustments but God would never give me more then I can handle. Well I will be holding God to his word on this one.

I purchased the final item today as well, Larkyn's high chair. I have to tell you it's crazy out there for high chairs. They tilt, rock some even sing songs, there are more colours that I can imagine and the prices HOLY COW!!!!! In the end figured simple was best and I got the Eddie Bauer wooden highchair in a really nice cherry wood. Once I get it put together I will post a picture.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

TA.!!!! TA.!!!!!! TA.!!!!!!

We are so doing the happy dance!!!! I have in my hands our Notice of Travelling to China for Adoption!!! A simple piece of paper can mean so much.

Here we come little Larkyn!!!

Look Who's BACK!!!!

Well with only nine days left before we leave for China you would think I could find better things to do with my time. Yesterday I spent almost the entire day moving my fish tank from the basement to the main level. I have been meaning to do this for months but 9 days before we leave and tones still to do seemed like the perfect time. I moved my fish tank to the basement in February of this year because we were re-doing the flooring and since they have been in the basement I have very badly neglected them.. The fish you see in the picture are the one's who survived being neglected for six months. For any of you out there who have never had to empty a fish tank and start all over,, it's not a fun job.

I hope to have a picture of Larkyn's room up for you guys this weekend. I have finished my part now David needs to put the crib together for me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Wonderful Gifts!!!!!

When my son came home from Ontario he came with more gifts for Larkyn.. My best friend Donna gave me a wonderful pink teddy bear rattle with a nice blanket she also found this wonderful a b c block books. Thank-You so much Lonna Dou!!!

Then my sister once again spoiled Larkyn with more wonderful cloths. Thank-You again my dear sister..

Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy Cow has it really been 7 days since my last post???? I blink for a second and the days seem to fly by. I seem to be getting no were some days. Well here's what's been up for the past seven days.
I finally started Larkyn's room, tomorrow Reegan is going to a friends house so I will get all the painting finished.
I found and purchased her crib... I must have changed my mind a hundred times... which colour, how much the style the shape etc., etc., I was soo close to actually choosing a black crib... the only reason I didn't was because all the other accessories were white and there was no back in her room. So I choose the one colour I really had hoped to stay away from... A white 3 in one convertible crib, it's very cool I wish they had these when Ryker was a baby.
Ryker man came home on Sunday, he has been in Ontario for two weeks. He was staying with our good friends Stephen and Donna and there four kids. Ryker had a great time, he got to knee board for the first time. His only complaint was that Donna is a very healthy cook and there was far to much flake seed and brown bread for his liking. The last two days he spent with my Sister and her husband. All in all he had a great time!!!!!
I did managed while he was away to get into his room with a garbage bag, my god that boy can live like a pig,, actually let me correct that because I know that pigs are very clean animals. I found candy wrappers, old pop cans, there's some sort of sticky substance under his bed, "VERY SCARY" To look at his room you would think it was very clean, but once I started to pull things away from the walls the real truth was told.
As for our trip we are getting things arranged and so far not to many problems... David is over the moon at the fact that he managed to use our Asia Miles to upgrade us to Business on the flight over. He is now trying to get us upgraded for the way home anyone out there who has some pull with Cathy Pacific?????

That's it for now... Pictures of Larkyn's room will be posted soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

How Sweet Is This !!!!

So how sweet is this. Reegan wanted to do something for her baby sister. Because she likes to draw I suggested that she draw a picture for Larkyn and I would give it to her when we are in China.

What she ended up doing was I got one of those small photo albums that hold 36 4x6 prints and she drew 36 pictures so Larkyn will have a homemade picture book. My favorite picture is the one were Reegan drew a Canada Flag on one page and the China flag on the other...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Stampede Breakfast

For those of you out there that do no know what a stampede breakfast is well I will tell you.... During the ten days of the Calgary Stampede you can go just about anywhere in the city and run into a Stampede Breakfast. They are put on by Malls, corner stores and the communities and they are everywhere in the downtown core. When I worked in an office downtown my employer didn't even expect me in until after 11am because he assume I would be at a breakfast somewhere. Here's what they consist of... A free pancake, and sausage breakfast with drink and dessert, some sort of live entertainment, face painting, balloons, bouncer's and the one we went to had pony rides and a petty zoo. It's tones of fun and the best part it's all free.

We went to this breakfast with our good friend Pam and her two kids Mandy and Eva. At the petting zoo the goats tried to eat the girls skirts. We not only got pancakes but they had blueberries to put on top YUMMY!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I am speechless... Today when I got the mail this wonderful gift for Larkyn arrived. Thank - You so much Tracey. Not only is this outfit to cute for words, but Larkyn now has something specially made with her name on it. That means so much to us. It will look fantastic on her door in her new room.

Thank- you !!!! Thank-you!!!

I also want to say a HUGE Congratulations to Tracey and Jeremy... They finally received there referral this weekend. There little ladybug is perfect in every way.

You guys are the best!!!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Astrid and Steven. They finally got there picture of Hope.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


OK.. I know what I am doing for Larkyn's room. As you can see I will be using lots of primary colours with just a touch of pink and some red. As for the walls three of the walls will be this great pink colour and the fourth wall will be green. I have put the paint chip in the close-up picture. The painting will start this week.

Thank - You Again Sister Dear!!!

Well once again the Fedex man came and once again my dear sister Debbie managed to surprise me with these great pieces of clothing for Larkyn. Miss Reegan was feeling left out you see in the past the Fedex man came with clothes for her from Aunt Debbie. But not to worry, two days later a package came for Reegan with some great outfits.

PS My sister is feeling a bit left out of the blog world. She has a blog but no one goes on to leave comments. She doesn't have any children but they have the most wonderful black lab cross and to her Sable is her child, so for all my friends out there who love there pets, please check out her blog she would love to hear from pet owners as well as non-pet owners here's her link

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Greatest Outdoor Show!!!

Well we have lived in Calgary for 15 years. We have been to the stampede grounds about 4 times for the rides and cotton candy. We have been to the parade about 6 times. But I had yet to attend the Grand Stand Show, that was until last night. Holy Cow!!! What a fantastic show. If the performances which ranged from dancers, singers, dirt bike jumps and flips, a comedian didn't empress you then the 30 minutes of none stop fireworks should have. Never have I seen such fireworks... There were the best of the best, Unbelievable!!!!!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Good Family Fun

Well we had our fourth Knight Canada Day BBQ. The weather was perfect the food was fantastic and the fireworks ... well what can I say David honey once again did a great job. For the past four years we have hosted a Canada BBQ with family and friends... This was our first year that we had the pool... So we played games, swam in the pool and we all worked after super and put the kids trampoline up. Then we sat back and watch the fireworks.

Family is the best!!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy CANADA DAY!!!!