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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Birthday To Me!!

Gung Hey Fat Choy!!

I am sure with my birthday falling on the same days a the Chinese New Year this can only mean a very positive year to come!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mac Vs PC

In the not too distant future I will be needing a new laptop. I have only worked on PC's and windows etc., But I would very much like to really look at the possibility of a Mac. Many things that drive me nuts about my PC, Mac owners tell me a Mac would solve those problems. I've also heard that it takes some time to adjust to a Mac if all your used to is a PC.

So I am putting it out there to my fellow bloggers, I am sure some of you are Mac owner's. What are the pros and con's? What do you Love about your Mac???

Please let me know!!!!!

Home Safe And Sound

Our Last Night!

We are home!!!

Once again David parents did a great job loving and looking after our children. I think the kids tired them out this time and I am not sure if in the future they will be up for a week long task of looking after them. They truly are wonderful People!!!
Ryker was happy to see us, Reegan was all hugs and kisses the next morning when she woke up. Our wee Larkyn was just getting a cold the night we arrived home and since then has been running a pretty good fever. Yesterday was a tense day, because when she woke up her diaper was as dry as a bone and remained that way until nap time. She was refusing anything we offered her. Finally we managed to get some pop down her and finally a good wet diaper. Today she's still not great but she's drinking and eating better. She's been up off and on in the night since we got home "There's goes all the sleep I managed to get caught up on while in Mexico?!?!?!"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Last Full Day In Cancun Mexico

Me Enjoying The Warm Water's

Today was the hottest and sunniest day so far. After waking up at an obnoxous time, we made our way to the buffet breakfast. Before I forget the food at this resort has been outstanding, EVEN David like's it and if you know my husband then you know he's very picky. So... where was I... Oh yes eating a lovely breakfast.... After we had eaten we changed and went out to the beach... Our first stop was the ocean which the day before my husband tried to entice me into
but was having NO part of it ... the sun was going down and the temp had dropped!!! "Yes I am a panzy"

But today was a very different story... David swam with me for about an hour then up to the room he went while I spent the entire afternoon lying in my cabana with a good book a cool drink and the pools and ocean to cool me off. David took these pictures from our balcany.

Me Again In The Ocean

We leave tomorrow at 3pm and arrive home around 9pm... It's been a wonderful vacation... one that was soo needed!!!!!!

Advertising for SENOR FROGS

Some Guy On A Jet Ski

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How I LOVE The SUN!!!!

If I had lived in the time of the accent Mexican's I too would have worshiped the Sun God!!! Today was by far the warmest and suniest day. We visited Tulum today and finally we saw some iguana's... Tulum Temples seem to be there home and not a bad home it is.

Tomorrow is our last full day here... I plan to relax as much as possiable by the pool and ocean, eat as much gelato as one person can eat.

As the sun sets here in Cancun I wish everyone a wonderful evening!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

From My Balcony In Cancun

Our Room's View

We are half way through our trip. Today the sun graced us with her precents, the first four days we saw clouds but no rain. It's still warm and humid and very windy.

As with our custom we rented a car for the week.. Both David and LOVE being able to drive around, to come an go as we like and to see things off the beaten path. China has been the only place that David was unable to drive and he missed that freedom terriably.

Our first official day we drove to Chichen Itza temples. Even though there were lots of people around I was stunned at how quite it seemed to be... Even the wildlife was quite no birds in the back ground and NO bugs of any sort. The accent temples were amazing. It was a long day at least an hour drive on the way there using the express route, but on the way back we decided to take the longer route. I very much enjoyed it as it took us through many small town's along the way letting us see how most Mexican's live. The only draw back was the amount to speed bumps along the way... You would be driving along just staring to pick up some speek and another small town would appear bringing with it many... many ... many speed bumps to slow the drivers down....

Once back at our hotel we where rewarded with a lovely mistake by our resort. As we enter our room all the candles were lit our bed was covered in rose petals and they had made two lovely doves out of towels. I kept looking at David asking him if he had done this "No" he told me it wasn't until we both walked over to the table and there before us was a lovely wedding cake with a white chocolate placed infront wishing us a Happy Anniversary!!! Needless to say we took advantage of those lovely rose petals and cake!!!!

Today was a day that I wanted to have many years ago. The sun finally arrived warming us up nicely and I was off to SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS!!! I had wanted to do this for some time but hadn't until today... I was not dissapointed, David choose to take pictures he wasn't interested in swiming or touching them. I got a kiss and was able to shake hands/flippers.. Then we all had a free swim which was essecentially our group floating in the water and the dolphines swimming up to us so we could touch them... The grand finale was the dolphines pushing our feet to do what they call the Boot Push. What a great feeling that is... After the first time I could have done that many more times.

Tomorrow we plan to drive down to Tulum were they have more temples by the ocean.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cancun Here We Come!!!

So this is VERY last minute... About a week after Christmas my husband gets on the band wagon to go some place warm...

Well here is is "The Royal In Canun" It will be just the two of us, seven wonderful days of sleeping in... relaxing on the beach... and listening to the waves!!!! This trip has come on so suddenly, I don't think it has totally sunk in yet.

We leave THIS Monday!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally A New Post!!!!

Larkyn wearing her new hat from Aunt Debbie

My husband comes home the other day with THIS??? First I get the Wii fit for Christmas now he brings this home, am I missing something???? It's true that in this last year I have put on a few pounds (15lb to be exact) Do you think this is a hint????
Actually it's for my husband as well.. We are both going to try and get more exercise. Speaking about exercise let's talk about the Wii Fit. The first time I took the fit test it said my Wii Fit age was 63!!!! It wasn't until my mother took it and came up 43 that I decided I needed to take it again. The second time was much better putting my Wii Fit age at 38... There are some good things about the Wii Fit... it's FUN and 30 minuets goes by in a blink of an eye. I am hoping between the Elliptical trainer and the Wii Fit I will get back into shape again.


Ryker and his Lovely Sarah