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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Busy Day's Good and Not So Good!!

Well my weekend started off on a very good note.. First off I treated myself to some time away from the house and got a new due. Cutting your hair off is such a refreshing change.

Ryker had friends over all day Saturday so I didn't need to worry that he was playing on his computer. There is nothing like friends to keep you away from a screen.

Reegan had her friends running through the house all day on Saturday as well. It's so nice to have kids of all ages running around having a good old fashion time just playing games and laughing at the silliest things.

Then we had a turn in the weather. Our littlest decided to get a very high fever. Nothing seemed to get it to go down not meds or a bath so we decided to take Larkyn to the Children's Hospital were she was sick many times. After a very long wait the Doctor assured us it was nothing to worry about just the flu. I know that if this had been Ryker or Reegan at that age I would have just waited it out until the next day... But with Larkyn I felt I couldn't take any chance so to the Emergency we went. She's doing much better today.. drinking her bottles and no fever but she's still very fussy. In this picture you will see our cat Shadow sitting on my knee right up against Larkyn. As soon as Larkyn started to feel sick Shadow was there right beside her...

Sunday we were draining the pool getting it ready for closure tomorrow. We had another wonderful summer with this pool the kids had a blast, I can't wait until next summer.

I wanted to give everyone a BIG Thank-you for leaving all your wonderful comments. To the comment left by Anonymous you are entitled to your option that's what freedom of speech is all about. I have no issues with asking for attention!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

OK What Gives???

I have noticed since our return from China the amount of comments on my blog has drastically declined... What's with THAT!!!! It's like everyone wants to be apart of the party but once the party is over no one wants to hang around to clean up the mess. Maybe my posts are just not that interesting anymore. If that's the case then I am very sorry and will do my best to make them worth your reading. I realize I don't have the fan base like some blogs and I certainly don't want to name names just to NOT name a few!!!

My counter tells me that lots of people have taken a sneak peak but yet no comments... You don't have to right anything poetic, or inspirational.. A simple hello would suffice..

Please remember as much as I love being a stay at home mom I am just that a STAY AT HOME MOM... isolated from the real world away from adult conversation I don't get a regular coffee break or lunch break and when I do get those odd moments of time to myself my computer is my only escape when escape seems impossible...

So I implore all of my fellow blogger's to really think twice the next time you visit mine or anyones blogs to simply say hello or bye to let us know that you were here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So David has decided to train Reegan as his next office assistant. Since I've been back my time has been consumed with other more important things. So he's shown Reegan how to make copies and she is so proud of herself...

Larkyn loves when Ryker gets home.. He's such a ham her own personal human toy.

Our Sleeping Empress!!!

More pictures of Larkyn !!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Home Grown Kids!!!

Take a good look at these pictures. I want you all to take a particularly good look at my two older children Ryker and Reegan.

I have been amazed no that's not the best word. I have been dazzled by these two kids. When we started this journey of adopting over two years ago Reegan was then 3 years and Ryker was 10. Reegan has always been excited about having a baby sister. In her eyes it's like getting a new toy to play with, but still I figured once the new sister was here she would be singing to a very different tune " The Green Eyed Monster tune".

Then there's Ryker who when the social worker asked him how he felt about this his answer was plan and to the point. "I know this will mean less gifts for me at Christmas and I guess I am O.K. with that"

But never in my wildest dreams did I think these two kids would be as welcoming and warm hearted with Larkyn as they have been. I noticed it first with Ryker while we were still in China. When we called the kids each day on our web cam Ryker was always saying to Larkyn " Look at me I am your Big brother" he was very concerned about her medical hoping that she was O.K. As we descended down the escalators at the airport Ryker was there to great us and Larkyn gave him the biggest smile she could. It was game over from then on.. Love at first sight. This boy even changed his screen saver on his computer to a picture of Larkyn... even Reegan has yet to get that honour. Ryker as said more touching things to me about Larkyn then I think I have ever heard him say. The one that brought me to tears was shortly after our return. He was playing with her on the floor and he looked up at me and asked "How could someone just leave her.. look at those eyes" He's called his friends insisting they come over to meet her. He asked me if he could take her to school for show and tell, of course I said NO then I explained she was NOT a show and tell item. But when I did go to school with him he called his teachers and other friends over to meet her. When I call him on this wonderful behaviour he tells me he's just trying to brainwash her into liking him better then her sister. What a kid!!!

Lets not forget Reegan... Who was the baby of the family, our little princess who could do NO wrong " Well at least in her daddies eyes" I really worried and assumed she would give us a hard time on our return with Larkyn. It would be expected actually. I had many talks with her before hand about the needs of this little girl and how mommy would need to spend time with her and she would need to be patent at times because I would not be able to help her right away if the baby's needs at that time were more urgent. Reegan always seemed to understand this, but deep down I felt once reality set in she would not be a happy girl. Boy was I sooo wrong on this... Reegan like Ryker has shown me what a nurturing person she is. Helpful that's an understatement and helpful in a good way. When we are in the car and as soon as Larkyn starts to fuss Reegan is on the job making her laugh,, getting her a toy making sure she fine. The other day Larkyn spit up and Reegan told me she would take care of the mess. Unfortunately Reegan has her father's stomach and ended up throwing-up while trying to clean up Larkyn. God Love her for trying. Not once when she's had to wait because of her sister has she ever implied or shown that she was upset by it. Not once has she showed any sort of jealousy or frustration when Larkyn has taken me away from some of our time. In fact when I have apologized to her about not being able to give her my time when she needed me in that second she just gives me the biggest smile ever and says " That's O.K. mom Larkyns just a baby and right now she needs you because she can't do anything for herself"

So what could all this mean??? Well this could mean "Quite before the storm" Or maybe just maybe I managed to do something right along the way with these two kids. Naaa I am sure it's just "Quite before the storm"

I love my two home grown children and each day they make me prouder and prouder of them!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Surprise... surprise almost friends... When we first got home I truly though by Larkyn's reactions to the cats that this day would be a while coming. Larkyn was enjoying the crinkle of the cat treat bag when who should appear but Shadow herself... So I gave her a few treats and while she gobbled them down Larkyn took this opportunity to grab at her ear. Shadow was a trooper she just kept on eating her treats and then very carefully walked away.

Larkyn enjoying her Pool !!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

One Month Anniversary!! & Reegans First Day of Kindergarten!!!

As I look back at these pictures it seems so long ago that David and I were in China. One month today we got our second daughter. Larkyn was so pale and timid when they first handed her to us. I was sure that I would not cry how wrong I was. On that day one month ago I didn't know what Larkyn would like or dislike. After one very fast month I can tell you that she likes her bottle, she loves her new brother and sister, she likes being tossed in the air by her daddy, she now gives me the biggest smiles when I go into her room after a nap. She can now stand with confidence on those tiny little legs when mommy holds her hands. The only thing she does not like is eating solid foods. She does not like a spoon or fork not even chop sticks near her month. She does not like any of us trying to feed her but she's starting to enjoy having the cats around. I wonder what our second month will teach us about her!!!!

Here she is today... so different in many ways from the first day we got her.
I miss all of the families that travelled with us you made this experience even more memorable.

Today also marked Reegans first day at Kindergarten. She has been so excited !! Reegan has know for weeks just what she wanted to wear on this day. Reegan informed me that in this particular outfit she looks almost like a teenager. We got to school and all went smoothly, no tears,, not even ME!!! She lined up and walked right in. She told me she had butterflies but that they were good butterflies. I have know doubt she will do wonderful in school... Reegan loves being around other kids and really seems to enjoy acacademics.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One Small Step For Larkyn Kind!!!

We had a very small baby step and I mean very small baby step with Larkyn's eating this morning. Just as the our Doctor told us we sit Larkyn at the table while we eat breakfast and we offer her food on her tray... She usually just plays with it for a minute or two looking at it with disgusted and NEVER puts it near her mouth. But today I decided to try one more time to give this girl some food on a spoon "Totally against Dr's orders". After about two minutes of playing with her face and mouth she popped her thumb in and began to such it. So while she was sucking her thumb I took the spoon with baby bananas on it and offered it to her. Still sucking her thumb she opened her mouth just enough to get a bit from the spoon... We must have done this at least three times always smiling she took the bite and then finally she took a bite from the spoon without her thumb. No crying No screaming involved just took the bite. Of course after that she wouldn't do it again she just took one bite just to prove to me and the world that if she wanted to she could actually eat something. I know that at that same time Larkyn was taking her first bite of food that some where in the world something more miraculous was happening... But at our household the most wondrous thing was Larkyn taking that BITE!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Finally In My Arms!!!!

I finally had time to figure out how to download videos from our new video camera... I could watch this over and over and over. When I watch this video and look at Larkyn now it feels like that day was so long ago. I wish they could have slowed everything down on that day so I could have savoured every second!!!! Even now after almost a month since Larkyn became a part of our family I can't believe how much I love this little girl. My feelings for her were instant it didn't matter that I had missed her first 12 months. When that nanny place Larkyn into my arms it felt the same as when the doctor placed both of my new born babies in my arms. It must have been seconds after this video clip stopped that I burst into tears. If the room hadn't been filled with people I am sure I would have sobbed. It was the best cry!!!!

The Pictures Say It All!!!

While we were away in China Reegan met a new best friend. Megan has been living less then two house away for the entire time we have lived here. Reegan couldn't wait for me to meet her, and the other day we had her over for a swim.
Larkyn's God Parents came over the other night to finally meet Larkyn. They brought her these lovely outfits and a photo album. Thanks so Much Pam and Warren!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A few posts back I told you about a gift that I received from a co-worker of my sister's. As well as the wonderful outfit she also included this beautiful poem, so I wanted to share it with all you guys.

A Poem for an Adopted Child
Once there were two women
Who never knew each other.
One you do not remember
The other you call mother.
Two different lives
shaped to make yours one.
One became your guiding star
The other became your sun.
The first gave you life
and the second taught you to live in it.
The first gave you a need for love
And the second was there to give it.
One gave you nationality
The other gave you a name.
One gave you the seed of talent
The other gave you an aim.
One gave you emotions
The other calmed your fears.
One saw your first sweet smile
The other dried your tears.
One gave you up -- it was all that she could do
The other prayed for a child.
And God led her to you.
And now you ask me through the tears
The age old questions through the years
Heredity of Environment --
Which are you a product??
Neither my darling -- neither
Just two different kinds of love
Author Unknown
Thanks Again Mary!!!!

All of you guys guess it. Our little darling was filling her drawers!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Can You Guess What I Am Doing???

By the look on Larkyn's face can anyone guess what's she doing in her exersaucer?????

Finally Grandma and Grandpa's turn to hold her.

Larkyn and Maddie

Larkyn and Aunt Tracy.
Saturday evening we went over to David sister house to have the official welcome to our family party. We had a great dinner and Larkyn warmed up to everyone by the end of the evening. Tracey, Duane the kids and David youngest sister Kate gave Larkyn a lovely silver bangle with the alphabet on it as well because Larkyn came to us in the year of the pig they also gave her a lovely silver pig piggy bank.

Thanks So Much Guys!!!!

Reegan and her cousin Maddie.

Grandma Grandpa.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Well we seem to be adjusting around the house. Larkyn is now sleeping through the nights which is wonderful for me. I am still keeping her naps short so she's a bit of a grumpy bear. We are still having no luck with eating solids. Yesterday she had her doctors appointment her weight is 17 pounds she hasn't gained since her check-up in Beijing. She has developed a bad case of eczema due to our dry climate so he prescribed some creams. He's not to concerned about the eating yet and gave us some suggestion for meal times. I brought our swing and fisher price activity center out, she's really enjoying those. Ryker and Reegan have been so wonderful with her. Reegan just loves playing with her and Ryker is so careful with her. Ryker has said the most touching things lately, not only has he told me over and over how cute she is, but yesterday while he was playing with her he looked up at me and asked "How could someone just abandon her... look at those eyes." I almost started to cry. Many times over these last five days I have seen all the love and attention that Larkyn is getting and I well up inside with so much sadness that she didn't have this for the first year of her life. Maybe someday when both of our children are grown and married they to will decide to adopt a child from another country.
David is still suffering from jet lag but I am pretty well back to normal, I am finding it hard to adjust to home life again and I sure miss the laundry service at the hotel. David has tried to convince me that he can't go back to my way of doing the laundry he has a higher standard of how his laundry should be done. I find when my husband makes comments like this a good smack on the head usually bring's him back to reality. These days my laundry services consists of the cloths being cleaned and then left sitting in the baskets until I can managed to get around to folding them.