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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just A Reminder!!!

Take a minute today to look yourself in the mirror and say "I Am Amazing!!" because you all are AMAZING!!!


Lately I have been clinging to the memories of when my two oldest children were Larkyn's age. Children are far from being perfect when they are that young, BUT!!!

It seems you wake up one morning and your sweet, darling little one has somehow been switch in the middle of the night. "Aliens is one explanations" They go from waking up happy to NOT wanting to get up at all.

I remember at the end of the day feeling tired, maybe a little stressed now I can add ANNOYED to that list.

Ryker knows he has to brush his teeth yet each day it's a fight to get him to do it. He's been in school now 8 years and every day it's the same frustration trying to get him to do his homework. I take the time to fold his laundry each day all he needs to do is put them away... So why does he leave them in a pile on his floor???? Does he not remember were he got those blankets from that I find all over the couch??

Reegan seems to think when she comes in her boots will find there way to the boot rack. "Wrong" When I ask her to do something it's always "In a sec" Getting her to put things away is harder then pulling teeth. Speaking of teeth why is it as soon as I have cleaned the bathroom does she feel the need to spread tooth paste all over the place.

Put all of these things together and what do you get?? ANNOYED!!!

Most days I feel I sigh more then I smile. Was I actually like this to my mother?? Surely not, I remember myself being neat and tidy always respectful. LOL

When did I lose control of they way I wanted my house to run?? When did my children decide that they would just ignore me? Will the rest of there time living in this house consist of me hagging on them and feeling ANNOYED?

Let's just say my kids should be VERY thankful I am not like some animals out there that eat there young!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Marley & Me

Over the past year I have stood at the book store and pondered this book. I have read the intro a number of times, looked at all the pictures inside, and even though the story line interested me I just wasn't sure if it would be a good book to read. Then a few months ago my sister asked me if I had read the book "Marley & Me" I told her I had seen it but not read it yet. She said it was wonderful book.

So a week ago when I was in Chapter's and once again I came across this book I decided to purchase and read it. My sister had given me a heads up about the ending so I decided to read the end first so I would be better prepared.

This book did not disappoint, at times I found myself laughing out loud. I was slowing falling in love with this big goof ball of a lab. Even with all his mishaps he was true to his heart and his owners new that as well. Just over half way though the book I realized that I was in trouble!! I knew how this book ended and even though I had read the ending first that was before I had gotten to know this family and dog. Those two chapter's in the book took me two days to get through.. What a sight for my husband when he walked into our bedroom.. I was a total case.. Tears... sobbing... tones of Kleenex all over the bed. I actually had to stop ready the book because It was soo upsetting for me to read. As I type this I really can't quite understand why it effected me so. Yes I love animals very much... Yes we owned a beautiful Golden Retriever a few years bad so I certainly could relate to this dog and his life. I suppose all the credit for my teary eyed break down really needs to go to the author John Grogan. His black and white words on paper were able to reach me and made me miss Marley as much as they did.

I recommend to anyone out there whether you like animals or not to read this book.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My First Mammogram

That's right my first Mammogram. Since turning 40 this January I now entered a whole new era of testing... Checking your weight (which is up!!!) blood pressure and the usual blood tests just won't cut it anymore. It was now my turn for the dreaded SQUEEZE!!!!

Wearing no deodorant and having no Caffeine for over 24 hours (This includes chocolate) I headed off for my appointment... I was trying to be positive thinking only that I would be away from the house for a few hours, some peace and quite, a chance to read some of my book.
When my technician finally came to get me.. I made sure to advise her this was my FIRST Mammogram. Welcome to the sisterhood she said. I new right then and there I was going to like this women and letting her push and pull at my bosoms was going to be O.K.
Apparently my bosoms were not all that photogenic because after the first four were taken I was told to have a seat and wait to ensure they were O.K. She came back to inform me that a few retakes were needed... so back to the pulling and squeezing I went.
I have a few suggestion that would make it less uncomfortable for the women... Firstly some calming music in the room and a little more heat would help. How about a satin top instead of one of those ruff paper ones. And lastly I think our husband should be there... I truly felt I needed something to squeeze while my you know what's were being squeezed... I was thinking my breast are very sensitive... hmmm what on the male anatomy is just as sensitive more so if you were to squeeze them as tightly as my breast were being squeezed... BINGO " The family Jews " "The Boys" there are many names for them. Yes I felt this would have eased some of the discomfort. In the end it really wasn't that bad and well worth it when you think of what having the test can prevent.

I didn't stop with a Mammogram I also had a pelvic ultrasound. Which brings me to this question. Why do doctors challenge you when you want a test that they don't recommend you get??? lately I am hearing that we need to be more proactive about hour health. We are told to question our Doctors demand tests etc., etc., Do these Doctors not read and watch these shows that tell us to do these things? When I asked my Doctor for this ultrasound to check for ovarian cancer her first question was " Why... do you have any symptoms" does she not realize that by the time you get the symptoms it's progressed to the later stages"
Her next questions was "has anyone in your family had ovarian cancer???" Does she not read that only about 5% of people who get this cancer had it in there family!!! Just give me the dam test I finally told her!!!

So ladies get your Mammograms... get your Pelvic Ultrasounds and get a CA-125 test.

On a different note, just look at this woman. I can't believe Madonna will be 50 this August. I wish I had half the discipline she has. I have had the privilege to see one of her concerts many... many years ago.. She truly is an inspiration whether you like her or hate her she's has matured over the years and is now trying to make some sort of a difference in the world.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So True

Monday, April 21, 2008

This weekend we received yet another dump of snow. I normally wouldn't mind a spring snow fall but it's starting to slow the progress down in our back yard. Our pool is scheduled to open next week but now we might have to delay that.

The tiling has stopped because the installers had a personal issue and won't be back until later this week... Even when we decide to pay the big bucks and get someone to do these things for us problems still seem to arise.
On the Larkyn front.. She's really starting to show signs of Terrible Two's. All this weekend she had temper tantrum after tantrum. Making our house very stressful and VERY loud.
After months of neglect I decided to find a home for my fish... I just was not able to find the time to keep them as clean as what I liked...
Lets hope our weather starts to warm up and our tile guys return.
Finally my sister sent me some pictures of Ryker and Reegan when they were younger.. I sometimes forget just how cute they were. I just loved Ryker with short blond hair.

Reegan washing Daddy's truck

Ryker with his bleach Blond Hair

Reegan with her lovely Pixie Cut

Have A Wonderful Day Everyone!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Larkyn's Heart Is A.O.K

We were off to the Doctors today for Larkyns six month check-up and to find out how her second ECG went.

What a relief to find out this second test came back perfect. So we don't have to worry about this issue again... She's gaining weight and is now 22lbs her height is wonderful.. She can say over 15 words and the other day she actually said "I Love You" I think I managed to get that on video and will try and download it later.

She loves to eat any kind of meat, bread, pasta and rice. Fruit and veggies on the other hand she will only eat if they are pureed. Even a Banana she won't touch. She defiantly has a thing about texture's she started Gymnastics this week and was so funny running around in her bare feet. When she came to a different mat with a different texture she would refuse to go on it or insist I help her as she stepped forward.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Here It Is!!!

So here it is ladies ... I am now 40 years old. I wake up each morning feeling more tired then when I went to bed. I seem to be taking an Advil with my vitamins each day to cut down on the aches and pains. Since Christmas I have put on 10 pounds!!!!!! I had to go to Eddie Baurer today and get some fat pants because my other pants are getting to tight.

I really feel like I am loosing control of ME!!! I didn't realize how bad it was until yesterday when I left for the grocery store. As I was driving there I started to feel wide awake. I walked through the store feeling refreshed... somewhat relaxed I was able to focus on the tasks at hand. On the way home I wasn't dreading putting away the groceries... Instead I enjoyed each moment and then managed to get Reegan to bed after two stories... Instead of flopping on the couch which as of late has been my usual thing to do I folded and put the clothes away with gusto.

I felt my old self once again. I was not just going through the motions but I was actually in the moment living each minute and feeling all there is to feel ... seeing all there is to see. I almost wanted to cry, it truly had been so long since I had felt like this.

Unfortunately it did not last... This morning I woke up with the same old pains and the same old going through the motions thing. Feeling the way I did last night has made me miss myself... I just have know idea how to get that feeling back. It feels like in the last seven months I am slowing loosing my figure... my spunk... my drive to do better at all things... my ME!!!

If you asked me today what I would want my answer would simply be. I want to be left alone for a while to fine Me again.

Unfortunately having three kids and a husband makes that very hard to do.

Oh well today is almost over and who knows what tomorrow will bring!!!!

Thanks for listening.

Monday, April 14, 2008

What's Been Up !!!

Check Spelling

So as of April 14th here's our pool. It's looking pretty good. We open the pool in two weeks!!!!!

Do you remember this room?

Just look at me NOW!!! New floor a fresh coat of paint .. Gone are those old storage shelves, nice white cupboards take your place.... Life is Good... Thanks Honey!!!!

Miss Larkyn trying on Reegan new helmet

So this was our pool last Tuesday.

This is what it looked like Wednesday morning when we woke up...

The kids enjoyed the dump of snow... it was the perfect kind for making snowmen and building snow forts.

This is why Dad's are far more fun then moms. While I was out David decided to start work on the upstairs bathroom. He had repaired the walls and now they needed to be primed... Unlike me David decided to let Reegan do some painting.... She had a blast!!!! Dad's are the best.. The Tiles guys have started tiling the floor this week. Pinch me I think I am dreaming!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Backyard Update!!!

Well my husband has come through with his promise of having all the things around the house finished. The Deck has been started and will soon be finished. On Friday the Landscaper came and started putting the stone work around the pools edge. This Monday the tile guys are coming so my mudroom will have a floor and then after that they will finish the bathroom!!!

Who Says there's no such thing as a MIRACLE!!!!

A Big Thank's to my Honey!!!

Now you might be asking WHY are we covering the cement around the pool with stone work. In the beginning this was NOT what we had wanted but after one year this is what our cement sidewalk looks like around the pool. Our wonderful pool company Trevi Pools tell us we are on the list for repair, but they told us it would be repaired last year when it started!! Among other problems we have had with Trevi Pools this is just one of many...
We would never recommend using Trevi Pools !!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happier Days!!!

Larkyn is ready for the slopes. I a couple of year my little one you just have to wait a couple of years

Boy do I want to see this happy child again. Larkyn has been struggling with a cold for the past 4 days, let me tell you, she is Miss Grumpy Pants. My days as of late are pick me up cry cry cry ... put me down... NO pick me up again. GET THAT TISSUE OUT OF MY FACE!!!!! What's with these new medications that DON'T cause drowsiness????