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Thursday, May 29, 2008

In The A Blink Of An Eye

lives can change in the Blink Of An Eye. Last Tuesday when I got home there was a message on my machine. The message was from my closest and dearest friend Donna. We have know each other since grade two, our friendship over the years has seen us through boyfriends, break-ups and sharing a condo together. When I married she was my matron of honour. Donna travelled out west each time I had a baby. This January for my 40th birthday she surprised me by travelling out here to spend some time together. And so the pain I felt when I heard that message and listen to her tell me her husband was in a coma was beyond words. Donna is a very strong person both in her personality and in her faith. Seeing her beside her husband day after day praying he would wake up was a true testament to the person she truly is.

David joined me on Friday last week, he's been Stephen's friend since public school and there friendship is a mirror to Donna and mine.

When we left on Monday Stephen was still in a semi-comatose state, he was still moving around in his bed but still was not waking up. As of today his ECG, and CAT scans seem O.K. He had an MRI on Tuesday which brought some troubling news. We now wait.. wait.. and wait more for Stephen to wake up... As the days go by I think we are all feeling that this might turn into weeks or months and when he does wake up what kind of challenges will he face. In a blink of an eye that family has changed forever.

When David came down he brought Larkyn with him so we took this opportunity to visit one of Larkyn Orphanage sisters. It was great to see Claudia and Simon and there sweet Madelyne.

Larkyn and Maddie

Two girls just hanging out

Me, Larkyn, Claudia, Maddie and Simon

Our cooks prepared us a wonderful lunch thanks you guys!!!

Sweet Maddie

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Letter from Donna

Dear Friends;
As you have all heard, my husband Steve Langman had a bad dirt bike
accident on Monday, May 19th. He was riding with his brother Brent
off of County Road 29 when Brent, who was following, came upon him on
the ground. It is his assumption that Steve hit a rut which sent him
into a tree or tried to go around it and miscalculated the closeness
of the trees to him. He had a helmet on which I am certain saved his
life. He was unconscious but breathing. An ambulance was able to
drive down the trail as they were not far off from the entrance of the
trail. The ambulance then met up with an air ambulance and he was air
lifted to Sunnybrook hospital.
For a head injury it takes 72 hours for the full effect of the trauma
to take place. As I write this letter, that time has not passed.
Steve has a fractured skull over his right eye which is causing the
eye to swell but not enough that they are going to have to do surgery
at this point. That is not the main concern though as he has two
contusions to the brain, one in the front and one in the back. It is
his brain that is the greatest concern. Fortunately, it has not
swelled to the point that they need to drill to relieve the pressure.
Steve was under sedation up until Tuesday afternoon. It was my hope
that he would wake up after the sedation wore off yesterday, but that
was not the case. Steve is still unconscious and no one but God knows
when he will wake up.
There are many positive points to mention. His spine and neck bones
are good. His overall state of his neck will be determined after he
wakes up. He has moved all four limbs. He responds to me talking to
him and has squeezed my hand 3 times. I think he just needs more time
for his brain to heal before he will wake up. It may be days, weeks
or months. Then, it will be more months before he is back to the busy
Captain Fun that we know.
I know there are many people praying for Steve and that is so
reassuring. Thank you for that. Please pray for his body to be
healed from head to toe, for patience and endurance for me and his
family, and for our 4 children who are waiting for their Daddy to come
home. That is probably the best way for anyone to help.
This was simply an accident. Steve is a very skilled rider who was
been riding since he bought his first dirt bike when he was 15. He
built a dirt bike track with some friends and rides there regularly
with them and our 11 year old son, William who also dirt bikes, and
our other sons, Andrew and Isaac, who ride ATVs.
Our life has changed in an instant but I am counting on the fact that
God stays the same.

In His Grace,
Donna Langman

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I Need Your Prayers

Tuesday evening I get a call from my dearest friend in Ontario. Her husband (my husbands best friend). Has been in an accident and is still in a coma. I got on the next flight. I am in Ontario now. He still has not woken up but the Doctors are very optomistic. Donna is such a trooper her. faith and strength is getting her through each day. Please pray for Stephen that he wakes up soon. Pray for Donna and there four children.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogging Etiquette

At least once a week I try very hard to check out all the blog's that I faithfully read. I truly feel it's a privilege that these people have allowed me to share my thoughts and feelings on there blogs. I read each blog with an understanding that they have allowed me to be in some small way a part of there family, and I thank each blogger for that.

When I log on to to my blog the first thing I do is always read any comments I may have... The next thing I do is ALWAYS pay a visit to those bloggers who have left a comment on my blog. I truly feel it's important to leave a comment if only to say Hi, Have a great Day and thanks for paying my blog a visit! It's just the polite thing to do.

Think of this... if someone were to knock on your door today would you not answer the door, and if you did answer the door would you not at least say hello and thanks for dropping by?

Even if you get an abundant of comments on your blog site... the descent thing to do in my opinion is to at least say hello back !

I believe this would be called Blogging Edicate.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Kool-Aid Stand of the Year!

Well this Saturday our temperature hit 29 degrees.. and you know what that means. Kool-Aid. Reegan's first Kool-Aid stand brought in a profit of over $10.00. After about 5 minuets she was complaining about how boring it was to just sit and wait for people... but after an hour of people stopping by she realized how much fun she was having.... Our neighbours were fantastic for stopping by and drinking a very sweet cup of kool-aid.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trampoline Fun

You will have to excuse the first part of this video.. They had the video camera turned on it's side not realizing that you can't rotate it later.

Larkyn very much enjoys the trampoline .. take note of the big brother trying to trip his littlest sister.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I want to wish my mother and mother-in-law the happiest of Mother days. I love you both dearly.
I want to wish all those first time mother's out there a Great Mother's Day!!!
For the mother's in waiting, next year I hope you have your little one in your arms for Mother's Day.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Bye My Lover!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

65 Degrees Brrrrrrrrrr

After the Pool opened the kids drove us nuts to allow them to go for a swim... We warned them that the heater had not been turned on yet and the pool would be cold. Ryker didn't care one way or another he was going in, he had been waiting over 6 months for the pool to open up.

Reegan being the wise one was very cautious and hesitated more then once before jumping in... If you listen closely you will her David assuring her it's warm like a bath tube. Father's can be so cruel.

The pools heater has since been turned on, and now is a lovely 88 degrees.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Love My Big Brother

I don't know who was more excited Larkyn or her brother. Since the pool opened last week the kids have been bugging me to let Larkyn go for a swim... Yesterday was the day, and Big Brother was there every step of the way.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Misc.. Pictures!!!

I really don't have much to blog about today so I figured I would share some pictures.

Reegan decided to dress Larkyn up in her scarfs.

Trying on Big Brothers Hat.

Here's the Big Brother.

Silly Girls.

What a Cutie.

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. -E E. Cummings
Have a wonderful Day!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


The first thing I want to say is I think you need to have days like I had yesterday to truly appreciate those days where you think things aren't going all that great.

Here's My Day Yesterday

My day started off with Larkyn waking up at 5am and would NOT go back to sleep... So No shower first thing and No morning walk for me. It was a very long morning. But I could handle this little wrinkle in my morning routine because after lunch my mother-In-Law was coming over so I could get out of the house for a while. I had planned the perfect afternoon for myself.
After I dropped Reegan off at school I then headed to the nearest mall were I purchased a few items from Eddie Bauer. Upon leaving the mall I stopped at Starbucks to indulge in a Frap and a piece of there banana bread, so far all is great. Sunroof was open Madonna was playing and my next stop was the Hair salon, where I was trimmed, twee zed and tinted. After a great make-up touch up I was ready to go.. I checked my watch 3:44pm, payed my bill said good-bye to the ladies and step out into the warm sunshine ready to take on the world (or just my three kids).
As I reached into my purse to pull out my car keys I notice something odd on the street. There was not one single car anywhere to be seen, that's when it dawned on me that MY CAR was GONE!! OMG!!! like a flash my mind was taken back to me standing at the cashier desk checking the time 3:44pm... 3:44pm and then I looked up on the post directly in front of me,, the one I have read so many times and the words TOW ZONE after 3:30pm hit me like a tone of bricks. THEY HAD TOWED MY CAR!!!! OMG!!!!

With my tail between my legs I walked back into the salon to call my husband. Not sure what his reaction would be when I told him. I was pleasantly surprised that he was once again the most understanding person I have every met. I called a cab and within a few minutes I was standing in front of the impound office. I walked through the front door,then proceeded to make way to the end of a very long line. While I waited my turn I stared out the window and watched in amazement as Tow Truck after Tow Truck just kept bring more helpless cars into the impound lot.
Finally it was my turn, I handed her my licence.. and gave her my licence plate number she showed me to the door were I would be escorted to my car so I could get my Insurance and registration out. As we approached my abducted vehicle I was shocked by all the cars around me.. black ones red ones cheap one and very expensive ones.. This was an elite club I had just joined. We got to my car and I reached inside my purse for my keys only to find them NOT THERE!!.. I checked and double checked, zipped and unzipped pockets NOTHING! My mind once again started to spin backwards in the hope to retrace my steps... walking in the the building,, then getting out of the cab.. walking back into the salon putting the phone down from calling the cab setting my car keys on the front counter.. realizing my car was gone. "Wait a minute did I just say I left my keys on the counter???" YUP!! Feeling like right about now I really needed some reassurance that I was not a total BLOND I said the the man beside me "I'm sure you see this sort of stuff all the time" "NOPE" was his reply. OMG!!!
I got my cell phone out to call the salon and of course it wad dead. I managed to use the phone inside and yes indeed my keys were there.. They even tried to call me but my phone was dead so I didn't get the call.
Back into the cab.. back into the salon and back to the impound lot and you guessed it back into that long line up again.
By this time I was really trying to think of something positive.. I figured one good thing was I was away from the kids a little longer so what if more me time consisted of standing in a lineup at the impound office, it was still time to myself"
Once again it was my turn ... this time I paid my towing bill and took my paper work and KEYS to my car to show the attendant my insurance and registration. This ordeal was finally over, me and my car would spring this joint in a matter of minutes. As my mind wandered the attendant brought me back to the real world by telling me my registration had expired on April 30, 2008... "So" I said, "isn't that today??" NOPE " I felt like asking him if that was the only word he new. "It's May 1 2008" he replied OMG!!!

In the end he let me go anyway !!!