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Monday, February 25, 2008

Trying Out One Of Reegans Many Christmas Gifts

Ni Hao Kai-Lan

One more day until this shows on Treehouse.... Yippeeee

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Part of Her Past!!!!

Since we first decided to adopt from China I have been hungry for books about what life was like in China. Understanding how the abandonment issue became such a huge problem was the first thing I needed to understand. But lately I've been reading books about what life was like for the women and children of pre-revolution and pre- cultural revolutions China.

The most recent book I have finished is called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. This book is beautifully written. Two things this books touches on is the secret written female language of nu shui and foot binding.

When I reached the chapter called footbinding.. I was not looking forward to reading what was going to happen to this seven year old girl. It was hard to rap my mind around what took place many many years ago.. and all for a better marriage arrangement.. These little girls were not asked to do this... It was expected and to achieve a foot as small as 3 inches in length was considered a blessing to her and her family.

After I finished this book... I started to think... How could I judge what people did back then... All to ensure a better marriage or a better life for a family. Women doing things to there bodies just to attract a better husband. Unheard of Right!! Then I starting thinking although these little girls were not given a choose about there footbinding we are really not much better... With nose jobs.. boob jobs and many many other surgical enhancements that we can get now. There are some difference.. firstly the little girls in most cases considered it an honour to help out there family.. There tolerance and bravery while enduring such pain leaves me speechless. These young women were proud. Proud to be able to help there family better themselves.

I am so grateful that footbinding was outlaw in 1912.. but I think it's important that we don't forget about it... It's meaning back then was not something we can just simply understand as a foot fetish. In a time when women's worth was considered not much better then the dirt floor people walked on this tradition gave them something special.. something that was truly there's

This women is very proud of her tiny feet.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Last Three Weeks In Pictures

It all started four day before my 40th Birthday. When my best friend from Ontario came out with her little girl and surpised me.

Donna and her little Abby.

Donna and ME!!!

Then as part of my birthday surprise David took me to the mountains for a three day mini vacation. It was VERY cold -33 to be excact. Our mission was to go skiing. On our second day in Banff it managed to warm up to a balmy -14 so we headed out to the slopes. It was the most refeshing vacation, and I truly needed the break... Thanks David!!!

It was cold but it looked like a fairy land!!!

Larkyn had a great time with all the girls. She loved Miss Loosie the clown.

I was home one day when it was Reegans turn to have her special day. 12 little girls running around the house. A clown, magic show and face painting, fun was had by all.

Miss Butterfly

Next was Rykers big day!!! By now I am totally done with cake!!

Ryker was very happy to open his sister's gift a bag of Mini eggs.

Larkyn was around to help if needed.

Too cute!!!

This weekend was Rykers party with a friend. We had planned on the boys going skiing for the day but by the time we got the hill it was so full that we could get in. In the end David saved the day by purchasing an X box for Ryker instead of a day of skiing.
I can finally take a break and try and take of all the weight I've managed to put on since Christmas.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally my laptop is working well enought to allow me to blog. I have been having Major problems with my laptop... Thursday we have the PC doctors coming over to take a look at it.

So what's up you ask??? We have been in a deep freeze out hear. Today we finally got some releaf today and the rest of the week looks pretty good.

Ryker, Reegan and Larkyn are all doing really well... Ryker brought home his report card last week... NOT GREAT!!!! He really does not like school and this report card showed that.

My honey is gearing up for the spring home show rush. In a couple of weeks he will be just a memory to us all...

As for me.. I am entering my winter blues... I want to sleep all day.. read books and eat everything in site. As blessed as we are with Larkyn some days I am really feeling a little overwhelmed. There are some days when I think if the house next door went up for sale I might just purchase it so at the end of the day I can just go next door to relax in a neat and quite home...

And to top it off my spell check in NOT working on this post. As you can see I am very bad a spelling..

Well that's it in a nut shell.. I hope everyone out there is all doing well !!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some Pictures Of the Weather In China

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!!!
Happy New Year Every One!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy 13th Brithday Ryker Man!!!

Holy cow I can't believe it will be 13 years tomorrow that I was given the best gift of all. I wish I could say my first pregnancy with Ryker was the most joyful time of my life. The truth is I was so sick with morning.. noon and evening sickness and spend at least seven out of the nine months laying in bed. On February 5th I was eating the most delicious double scoop of chocolate ice-cream when I felt the first twinge that something was up. By 1am on February 6th the doctor handed me the most perfect baby I had ever seen.

Ryker has gown into a wonderful boy with a great imagination. I will enjoy watching him mature into a fabulous young man. The kind of young man that moves out when he's suppose to.. get's a good paying job.. stays out of trouble and marries a women who I like very much.. and of course gives me lots of wonderful grandchildren. ha ha