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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Visit From Larkyn's China Sisiter

Since returning from China two years ago we have not always been able to keep in touch with all the family who travelled with us. We have made a point of keeping in touch with Larkyn's two China Sister's who are the same age and who grew up in the same orphanage, and in truth were the only family each other new before being adopted.

None of us live in the same province but we have all managed to keep in touch either by phone, skype or email.

In September Claudia, Simon and Madi came out west to visit us in Calgary. After visiting with us they were off to Burnaby to visit Rachel.

We had a wonderful visit. We took them to Heritage Park, and the girls had a blast. I truly hope these little girls will keep in touch for many years to come. They all have an amazing story that ended with each one of them finding there forever families...

Larkyn and Madi Playing in the leaves

Simon, Claudia and Madi waiting for there turn on the Ferris Wheel

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JinXiu said...

what a wonderful visit
xuwen sisters are very special

Rachel said...

Larkyn, I cannot wait to see you, too!

Love Rachel